AVSevolution2The AVS from retroUSB is one of the most compatible and accurate NES clones on the market. Powered by an FPGA chip allowing the device to very closely mimic the hardware on an actual Nintendo Entertainment System or Famicom. The system is compatible with original NES controllers and runs original NES cartridges. More details and video review below.

  • Video: 720p wide screen HDMI output, 60Hz (NTSC) and 50Hz (PAL)
  • Audio: 48kHz HDMI output with expansion audio from carts
  • Display: Variable pixel scaling including integer options(1:1, 4:3, 5:3) with optional variable darkness scanlines
  • Carts: Front loading NES, top loading Famicom
  • Ports: Built in NES Four Score Pro, Famicom Expansion Port
  • Ports: HDMI Type A for video and audio, USB Mini B for power and data
  • Cheats: 5 cheat code slots with built in code database supporting Game Genie, Pro Action Replay, Pro Action Rocky, and raw formatsPackage Includes:

Package Includes:

  • AVS console
  • Full color box
  • Full color manual
  • 6′ USB mini cable
  • USB mini power supply (USA plug)
  • 6′ HDMI cable

Purchase AVS from RetroUSB
Twitter: @retroUSB
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/retroUSB/
Website: http://www.retrousb.com
Source: Lon Seidman

AlarCity-Thumb1_5Fast paced, top down, arcade shoot’em’up action! This new project -code named ‘AlarCity’- is currently under early development and it’s gonna be PixelGlass Games first commercial release! The game is targeting primarily unexpanded AGA Amigas (A1200, CD32) while a version for PC and  MAC is also planned as well.

  • Project name: AlarCity
  • Label: Pixelglass
  • Project status: Under early development
  • Release status: Planned for commercial release
  • Target Platforms: Amiga 1200, CD32, PC, Mac

Source: http://pixelglass.org/alarcityAmiga Facebook Group


We thought we would gather a list of the last few releases of Amstrad CPC Hombrew games on the scene. There are some fantastic games here not to be missed! Click the links to read about them and in most cases there will be a download in the thread, Enjoy :)

Golden Tail (youtube)
Heroes Rescue!
The Return of Traxtor (youtube)
A Prelude To Chaos (youtube)
Doomsday Lost Echoes
Kung Fu Guns (youtube)
Adios A La Casta, Episode 2. (youtube)
Jewel Warehouse (youtube)
Roland of Sherwood
Elf (youtube)

Source: 4mhz.escpcwiki.euhttp://defectodigital.wixsite.com/software

colecobookIt’s Christmas 1982. You just got your very first home video game system and the most powerful one on the market, the ColecoVision. After plugging it and enjoying it for a while you begin to wonder: who is Coleco? Where is it located? Whose vision came to fruition to offer me this console?

For the very first time, discover the fascinating and detailed history of one of the video game industry first player. From a leather supplier company, learn how the humble Connecticut Leather Company become the tentacular Coleco Industries and conquered the toys and electronic games business.

Coleco – The Official Book also contains many interviews from people who lived Coleco from the inside whether it was in Connecticut or in the frozen land of Montreal, Canada. Among them we have Jennell Jaquays who was the Director of Game Design or Michelle van Schouwen who was the Principal Writer and Editor of the ARD. Thanks to them we managed to travel back in time over 30 years to deliver amazing new information.

  • The complete History of the company
  • Interviews from people who were on the inside
  • New and untouched Coleco documents finally revealed
  • The complete game library of the ColecoVision and the Adam
  • Foreword by Lorne Lanning, designer of the Oddworld Series and whose father, Charles Lanning, worked at Coleco

This fantastic book is available right now to purchase so head over to colecobook.com and grab a piece of Retro History! :)

Website: colecobook.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/booqcpublishing
Twitter: @ColecoBook
YouTube: BooQC Publishing
Email: contact@booqcpublishing.com


Publisher: PD/Freeware
Developer: Gernot Fritsche
Download: CenterCourt2.zip, CCTennis2CD32.7z
Website: English Amiga Board

amicast Episode 15 is all about NetSurf with Chris Young. It is possible that NetSurf in future could be only one modern web browser for AmigaOS 4.x (and 3.x).

Website: http://www.amigapodcast.com

broadwayxAEROS is a hybrid distribution of AROS and Linux (ARM and x86 systems). AEROS is a very fast desktop, and you can use AROS apps and AROS games. Changes in this version: Support for the Raspberry Pi 1,2 and 3. Updates for uae4arm, exFAT and Bluetooth.

Website: https://www.aeros-os.org

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tnd_logoAugust updates over at The New Dimension or as follows:

Dark Force Dissected, SEUCK School, SIDScope, 24BIT Frequency Counter, Zub the Box by Roberto Ricioppo, Let’s Invade Preview by TND Games, Jimbas the Warrior, World of Numbers, Abyss Global, Super Road Seven 06, Sub13, Arcadians 071, finally Cloco the Robot, Mission Ras 2, Shomys 06, ZB Rinco and Commander 02.

Website: http://tnd64.unikat.sk

flashtroOn the web page Flashtro.com you can see many cracker intro’s with your browser. The original intros from the Amiga, Atari-ST, Dreamcast, PC, Playstation etc. are converted to Flash. The most recent flashtro’s are: Terminal Cracking News – Somewhere in Time, ROL – Secure golden keyboot, Flashtro – Great Giana Sisters SE, Scoopex – Great Giana Sisters SE, Bronx – Nebula, Paranoimia – Dyter 7, Flashtro – Sqrxz 4 Update 1.1, Megaforce – Manhatten Dealer, Paranoimia – North & South, Flashtro – Blocky Skies, Ackerlight – Crash Garrett, Ackerlight – Wild Copper, Flashtro – Sqrxz 4 and Parasol Stars.

Website: http://www.flashtro.com

chicken_lips_radioChicken Lips Radio Episode #008:
Amiga 2000HD, Commodore PET 4032, KansasFest Retr0Brite / Javier, WiFi – Commodore 128, CommVex v12 2016, MicroDrive 1541 Emulator- Jim Drew, Habitat, Generation Amiga Pro, Vampire 500, Debugging Tool, Commodore VIC-20: A Visual History Book Kickstarter – Giacomo Veroni, ARMiga , C64C Cases in retro colours, SX-64 JiffyDOS Kernal, Tynemouth Software: Commodore PET Diagnostics 6502 Replacement.

Chicken Lips Radio is a podcast dedicated to Commodore retro computing, the machines, the history, and especially the exciting developments happening today in both hardware and software. Chicken Lips Radio is a member of the Retrobits Podcast family.

Website: http://www.chickenlipsradio.org

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